Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of the Wilds

Searching for a way in...

Collected journals of Nessius, and Soryn

Location: Farwatch, Ranger HQ

After spending several frustrating days trying to get into the only entrance to the mines to investigate the explosions in the Dredges, we decided to first look closer to home, and spent a good amount of time searching HQ for anything resembling an entrance to the mines, or other secret rooms for that matter.

After talking with our resident builder, who knew a little bit more about mining than us, we were determined to find a different entrance to the mines. We started off staring through the fields south of town. They were huge, and didn’t contain anything more than workers who looked disturbed as we trudged through the fields.

As we approached the road that led off to Kator?, Mrrel remembered the carts leaving our HQ the other night after we were attacked headed off this direction. We finally seemed to catch a break as we found wagon tracks leading off to large wooded area that would be perfect for concealing another entrance to the mines. After tracking the wagon trails through the woods for a while then ended up at a clearing with a building in the middle of nowhere. There were still a couple of wagons with horses still hitched in front. From the relative safety of the trees, we could see movement in the windows.

Being the stealthy ones(!), Mrrel and I proceeded to sneak up to the Eastern wagon, whilst the others would sneak up to eh other wagon, other than Thaleon, whose damn handy glow, was not so handy right now, who would provide us a distraction in 10 minutes.

All went well for a bit, until the fighting actually started. I could see a guard through an open window and was just about to take my shot when a shout towards the other wagon alerted all the guards. All hell broke loose then.

Thaleon flew in, and went over the top of the building as arrows and bolts started flying from all the windows towards us. We ducked behind the wagons. Damn I wished I had taken a bit of time and cut the horses loose, since they were looking very nervous, and I had a very bad feeling that we were going to lose our cover when they bolted.

Mrrel didn’t wait and took two bounding steps and drove through an open window to get at somebody. I was just about to follow her much more sedately when two men came around the corner and through the gate leading into the yard to the North of the house.

I decided to focus on the more immediate threat, even though they were looking up and babbling about the bright glowing thing in the sky. I shot my first arrow, and as usual it seemed recently, flew true, but didn’t do a damn thing but irritate him. I was just lining up my second shot when Gabby when flying by on the side of the other cart as the horses did indeed decide that leaving was an excellent idea. That gave me an idea about the two men in front of me, as they were continuing to focus on Thaleon above, so I decided to give them something else to think about

I took aim at the closest horse, and loosed a half-drawn arrow. And apparently discovered that horses have an inherit weakness when getting shot from behind. I still think my foot slipped or something as my arrow disappeared under the poor horse’s tail. The poor thing gave a massive cry, lurched forward dragging both the cart and the other horse with it and promptly crashed into the fence and died. The men simply jumped out of the way and continued to shoot at Thaleon above. The other horse ripped itself away from the cart and took off. It’s probably still running!

I shot a few more of my arrows that didn’t seem to do anything, but between Thaleon and I (mostly him), we took out the two in front of me. I went to the door in front of me, and opened it cautiously to assess the situation inside.

Derek was on the far side of the room, surrounded, Soren was just inside a window, surrounded, and Mrrel was squaring off with some sort of being with a skull for a head. Well you certainly don’t see that every day! There were a handful of human archers scattered throughout and several other beings that seemed to have weapons grafted onto them.

I took aim at SkellyHead, and let fly again. My arrows seemed to explode when reaching him, but still didn’t seem to do much damage. Gabby ran up and joined Mrrel in trying to take this enemy down.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Derek try to draw his sword. I say try, as he failed miserably, and his sword flew across the room to stick in some pews. Wow, this is going quite badly, I thought.

Sorren didn’t have many rounds left for his weapons, so he was stuck hand-to-hand which is not his strong suit against these “knights of darkness” creatures. Mrrel and Gabby weren’t having too much luck as was I against SkellyHead either.

Derek somehow got his sword back, his armor glowed, and he started cutting a swath through the knights, getting to Sorren.

I heard a huge explosion from the far room, and two bodies came flying out in an explosion of light. Thaleon must be helping from the outside.

I myself shot one last arrow at SkellyHead that penetrated his outside armor and burst in a ball of white inside his abdomen. He grunted, looked up and pointed at me directly, and disappeared.

Hmm, I appear to have made a more specific enemy of Darkness today. Once he was gone, the rest went down very easily, comparatively.

Thaleon dumped one human archer through the door contemptuously “This one tried to run”, he said disgustedly. After some moderate cleanup and healing. And my rather grisly task of dealing with the the poor horse. (I was NOT going to try to retrieve that arrow!) Mrrel and I searched the yard, and found several disturbed graves. The number loosely matched the number of knights that we dispatched, but not exactly.

When I looked inside one of the cart, a wave of weakness and cold washed over me. Black Iron! This gets worse and worse, I thought.

The others were finished searching inside, and they had found an apparatus that lowered into the ground. Soren found the mechanism for lowering it. It made a large clanking noise, but there was no visible mechanical means for it to operate. Thaleon and I made the first decent, since we would be able to see in the dark a bit better than the humans. After going down perhaps 2,000 feet, were hit the bottom and according to Thaleon, this was the structure that the Ranger had seen in the mines before, but were never able to get into. We searched around, but was unable to find another mechanism to raise the lift. After ten minutes, the lift started to rise again, as we had arranged. I rode it back up to tell the others what we had found.

After ferrying the rest of the party down, somebody had found the mechanism at the bottom to return the lift to the top, so we all went down to explore.

Other than the darkness, and being 2,000 feet underground it wasn’t too bad. I’m lying my ass off, but a Ranger does what needs to be done. We found a huge door with a sigil that looked very familiar, but I couldn’t quite place it. After a bit of searching, we found a wheel that, when spun, opened the door. As we started to spread out through the chamber beyond, we were attacked by these shadow beasts that would appear and disappear at will.

One apparently took a serious dislike to me, and hit me once in the shoulder. We made short work of them, and my wound didn’t seem to be that serious, but I felt like I hadn’t slept in a day or two after the battle. Mrrel had apparently gotten her claws stuck in one whilst it was trying to disappear and take her with it! She let go at the last moment, but she visibly slumped afterwards. We tended the rest of our wounds before searching the rest of the room.

Soryn Nytefyre’s Journal

We decided to do a sweep around the city. We found wagon tracks leading into the woods on the north eastern side of the city. The woods had been cleared away and there was what looked like an old church out there. Two carts filled with crates of some kind were back there.
Archers attacked us as we approached the scene. Derek slipped around the corner as cat 1 and I jumped in through the window. I caught my self on the bits of shattered glass.
The fight went like many before. Since I am almost completely out of crystallites I was forced to fight in the melee. I am trained but not skilled so the fight could have gone better.
We battled archers, some kind of horned ghouls with swords melted to their hands and some horror with a skull for armor.
Gabby, and Nessius battled thugs outside and killed one of the horses.
Once the enemies were dispatched, we found that the carts contained dark iron ore, which is evil. We will need to have the Rangers dispose of it.
Inside we found a lab and an elevator that carried us deep into the ground. The bottom found us inside the massive fortification we couldn’t get into. The structure is of Shay’a Nar origin.
We opened a massive door with the markings of spiders and had to do battle with teleporting monsters. With out crysalites, every battle for me has turned into an ordeal.



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