Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of the Wilds

Sanctifying a despoiled temple

Ranger Soryn’s Entry
After hiding the black iron in the ruins of the church we headed back to the Ranger HQ. Once we were there we discovered that a plague had been found in Greenvale. We sought out the alchemist who provides us with our potions and asked him to take a look at the necromantic malady.
I slept and when I awoke I found that the Nessius and the cat had found some kind of secret cargo. We found the carts fillled the Last kiss and a single wagon filled with locked crates six feet long and three feet wide. I think they are coffins with vampires or something inside that they use to make the last kiss.

Ranger Nessius’ entry
Location: Abandoned temple to Vainar.

Before we left the area, we stacked the crates of black iron (the humans and Brinchie did anyway. Thalien, Darren and I supervised from the other side of the room) inside the room where the gate originally was located. After closing and baring the door as best we could, Darren was able to cast a ward on the door to inform him if/when it was disturbed.
We made it back to HQ without incident fortunately, as the long walk out, all the fun and games underground (I’m going to have nightmares for a long time), and the walk back, I was starting to feel a bit tired. More than a bit.
I guess the day wasn’t quite done with us, as there was a small crowd of very unhappy and disheveled looking commoners outside our so called “walls”. More like holes with a bit if structure to hold them together. Should get that fixed one of these days… It seems like we’ve been here longer than we have. It has only been a week or so – the workers will get to it when they can.
Apparently the folk were up from Greenvale, which has been placed under quarantine for a plague. Some of them were sick but Thalien has it under control. I really hope we don’t have to travel there anytime soon. We offered the refugees shelter inside our “walls” while we figure out what to do with them. I’m sure they will end up helping out around here as well. Maybe one of them can cook.
After sharing our new largess of Chrysarium with Merrick, well, enough to power his armor at least, Soren & Derek took off to town to do a bit of shopping. Procurement of white silver short-swords or daggers for Mrrel & I was added to their list before Mrrel and I headed to our bunks to get some shuteye before the night’s festivities. Being able to see at night definitely has its advantages.
After a good few hours of sleep, Derek, Mrrel and I headed to Easttown. It looks like they had a bit of success but the white silver weapons will take longer than I thought. Seemed to be where the working class lived. Reasonably quite area.
After seemingly aimlessly wandering for a couple of hours, several things started to stand out for us all at the same time. First, several wagons throughout the district were noticeable mostly for being unmarked by any livery or coat of arms, and otherwise nondescript. Also there seemed to be more men standing in doorways and on stoops checking out anybody walking by. One particular set of men in front of a house in the SE part of Easttown really captured our attention as trying a bit too hard to be casual. Funny, I think part of what we noticed was that there were no women outside. We decided that we should take a bit closer look at this house, but we had to head back to HQ to get some food & grab Soren for the fun part.
After getting close to the house, I made my way stealthily up to the house, intending to scout around inside through a window if I could. I got to the house without incident and peeked in a window. Unfortunately it was too dark, and I couldn’t see anything inside. Wrong window?
I must have gotten up on the right side of the bunk this afternoon, since I managed to realize somebody was coming and dove out of sight just as one of those “casual lookouts” we had seen earlier walked by. I followed him, keeping out of the random pools of light, and hugging the walls and doorways. Now we were getting somewhere!
Keeping out of sight, I trusted Mrrell to stop anyone rude enough to try to interrupt our sortie. I followed him a ways up the street until he stopped at a cart, looked inside, turned around and then stared right at me. Oh shit! In the couple of seconds he just stood there and stared, I closed the distance started a blow from the ground behind be and landed a solid shot right on the side of his melon. I say melon since the noise it made was exactly like the thock you hear when you hit a really ripe melon. Anyway, his eyes rolled back into his head and he dropped. I mostly caught him and dragged him quietly under the cart.
I tied him up and went about starting to look inside the wagon. I saw 2 barrels that seemed full of liquid, some sort of alcohol by the smell, and 3 crates. That is strange, we need to figure this out, later when we don’t have to pay attention to these streets.
I was just finishing the climb down from the back of the cart, when I heard “Saul! Hey Saul!” “Have you seen Saul?” “No, probably sleepin’ on duty again”. Shit, they missed him already, oh well, we got one name. ! I was just looking around for a better place to hide Saul, when the next guard showed up next to the wagon. Mrrel appeared out of nowhere and clocked the next guard, and laid him rather neatly next to Saul under the wagon. We tied him up as well, as were just about to search both of them when we heard another voice call out in the dark. “Randall? Hey Randall, did you find Saul?” “Damn it, now Randall is missing” Derek showed up at the wagon just about the same time as the third guard did. Derek tried to knock the third guy out, but he just shrugged off Derek’s blow and was about to return the favor when Mrrel slugged the guy into next week. He made a strange groaning sound and slid down the wagon. We stacked him neatly beside his fellow guards/lookouts. Then my awesome eyesight failed me as I rather pronounced that they were unarmed. Derek gave me a look at started removing what seemed like an armory from the three of them. Mrrel determined that they were Malakarian by smell
We more fully searched the wagons and found that the barrels were filled with rum. Then we found something that really shocked the others. A drug called “The Last Kiss”. I hadn’t heard of it before, but in discussions later, it was assumed that it was quite possibly responsible for the plague reports from Greenvale. We found some other coffin shaped boxes, and we decided not to open them at the time.
We made our way back to the door of the house that the three lookouts were guarding. Mrrel ran up first, and as soon as she tried to open the door there was a huge explosion, and she flew across the alley followed closely by the door.
Derek and I ran up to her and rapidly patted her down to put the burning fur out. After checking to make sure she was not badly injured and handing her part of a healing draught, we turned back towards the smoking and now empty doorway.
A large shape was just visible through the smoke and flame.



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