Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of the Wilds

Nessius' Ranger Journal

Location: Farwatch, Ranger HQ

After sleeping the rest of the night/early morning through, we were kept busy most of the following morning cleaning up and tending to more wounds. It was discovered that Annika was missing from HQ as well.

It was decided to head to the Merchant Council’s Villa to “discuss” gaining entry into the mines to continue our investigation.

But our journey there was interrupted by a procession. Lo and behold the missing Annika was discovered on the arm of none other than Valerious. Bastard. I really really hope he’s corrupt and involved up to those eyebrows of his.

After seeing all of that, Derek decided to head directly to the teahouse where the entrance to the mines was located.

We spent what seemed like hours in the oppressive warmth of the teahouse. I had to remove much of my armor to prevent swampass. Only the Brinchie really seemed to be enjoying themselves. I will never admit it to or in front of them, but damn do they snore.

Finally the Dregordian owner denied to make an appearance. Double talked his ass right back out the door as well, refusing us entry, without ever stating so quite so bluntly, couching it in pleasantries, and other nonesuch things. Very annoying, but part of the cost of doing business, so to speak I guess. I didn’t really understand such things. I was more used to action than talking anyways, but a good Ranger needs to do both, so I’m learning, or trying to!



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