Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of the Wilds

Miles underground...

Nessius Journal

Location: Mines under Farwatch

So after searching around a bit it suddenly dawned on several of us, that this structure, and the one above were abandoned temples to Vainar. This one looked like it was disused, and parts of it certainly were, but others were being used heavily, but not obviously.

We searched through what was definitely a dark iron mine. Mrrel suddenly stiffened up and sniffed the air. “Something nasty ahead”, she exclaimed, and all of us proceeded even more cautiously. We eventually found a barricade across the entire width of the passage. Familiar noises emanated from beyond. Peeking through gaps, we noticed perhaps a 1/2 dozen or so ghouls milling about. Several bodies piled on the floor indicated that they were being corrupted and dumped in here to fend for themselves. From the clothing on them, they appeared to be citizens of the Dredges. Thalien said that if we gathered them together, he could “cleanse” the lot of them. Well, Derek had to try twice to hit one in the head with rock. They eventually gathered close to the barricade trying to get at Derek. Thalien took a deep breath muttered a prayer and a white glow burst through the gaps. That problem was fixed at least.

It appeared as if the crates of black iron that we found in the wagons upstairs were found in the mines here, as there was dust on the floor recently disturbed, where the crates were stored.

We searched the rest of the temple and other that some rather disturbing blood pathways under a not disused throne, the other thing of interest was a door that was sealed. What looked like writing in dried blood covered the door and frame.

Thalien placed his shield directly in front of him, and muttered a prayer to try to unseal the door. A huge blast of evil for lack of a better word blasted him off his feet. I felt it as it blew over me, but other that a not so brief desire to be elsewhere, I just shook it off.

After a bit of discussion, Thalien took off back to HQ to retrieve Darrien, our resident mage to help with the door. The rest of us hunkered down inside the landing area under the lift. With the drawbridges raised, and the door into the temple closed and 40 foot high walls, we felt not at all safe waiting for Darrien and Thalien. Mrrel took a catnap, whilst I tried to stay alert, taking the time to maintain my equipment.

After about 1/2 an hour or so, my vigilance was rewarded, as I heard the soft puff as one of the shadow beasts appeared/disappeared. I shouted to the others that we were about to have company, and somebody wake up Hicks, I mean Mrrel.

Again, one appeared right in front of me, not liking me. I was able to shoot almost as soon as it appeared, and it shuddered visibly, as its attack brushed the front of my cloak. I heard shouts and crashes from the others as at least two more appeared among us.

My particular beast disappeared then reappeared in front of me again. I shot again, and this time, the thing made a horrendous noise as it seemed to melt into a black darkness and fade.

By the time I was about to line up for another shot, Derek swung into the last, and it didn’t even have a chance to melt and fade, it just exploded into nothingness.

Almost on cue, all of us still breathing heavily from the exertion of combat, the clank and groan of invisible chains signaled the decent of the lift. Thalien’s glow was visible long before he and Darien were.

We ushered Darien up to the door. He took a look at the writing and turned a bit green. “It requires a letting to unseal”, he announced, "you really want in here?” Unfortunately we really needed to, and while were debating a bit about it, Darien quickly nicked his palm, spread it across the door and stepped back.

We heard unseen clicks as the mechanism released. Cautiously, we opened the door and stepped inside. I saw almost nothing, as a much more powerful reaction to black iron swept over me. I almost retched on the floor as I back-pedaled away from the room.

Others examined the room, and found a black iron “gate” for the Ebonways. Or at least that was the consensus, as was the need to destroy it. Darien casually tossed a black-purple flame between his hands as Derek & Soren talked about how to accomplish just that.

We all retreated a bit as Darien gathered his will and threw a huge ball of black-purple flame into the room. A huge blast wave made me actually retch, as black iron dust filled the air. Another problem at least temporarily solved. Must remember to send to the druids apparently, as they have some method for dealing with black iron.

Soryn Nytefyre
The massive room was basically empty. In the far left corner we could ghouls boarded up inside the dark iron min. The mine is very old and may have been here for a long time. We found a portal to the ebon way in a room sealed with blood. Darrien blew it up with a spell and collapsed it inside the piles of rubble. We will still need to come back.
We found more of those shadow beasts and wandered around inside the crysarium mine. At first I thought that cuntflap was not up to no good but he is offloading boxes with his mark on them. While that might be ok, it seems odd. I would have expected his cut to be in coin not in the most valuable resource. He must be selling them directly to the Red Store, Or worse.
We didn’t get anything concrete accept a few pounds of raw crysarium and a lot of darkness. The face that the crysaruim seems to keep the darkness is interesting.



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