Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of the Wilds

Terror strikes at the heart of Farwatch

Ranger Bulletin to any nearby Gray Rangers

Wide Spread reports of chaos and terror are pouring in from Farwatch.

Reports have come in that no less than Three simultaneous attacks were launched throughout the city. One at the Ranger HQ, One at the Warehouse, and one even at the Merchant Council Villa.

Witness accounts tell that large numbers of undead and flying ghouls attacked the Warehouse where all of the products that keep Farwatch alive, are held. Others near the Ranger HQ state seeing large numbers of citizens, with seemingly no self preservation, literally throwing themselves into the walls and defenders at the Rangers Head Quarters. The most shocking development is the attack on the Merchant Council themselves inside the Villa. News is slowly spreading that there have been multiple casualties, but it is unknown as of now, to who. The Rangers of Farwatch were on site at the Merchant Council Vila, when the attacks started, and were seen quickly heading off towards the Warehouse to help the desperate defenders there. First reports state that there is minimal structural damage to the buildings, but the fear is the loss of lives could be severe.

More troublesome portents as multiple sources tell of a Large Column of Darkness Shooting into the sky from the North West in the direction of Landra’Feya. Reports state that the Rangers who helped defend the Warehouse were seen preparing to head in that direction.

Rangers in the area are asked to lend a hand at rescue and defense of the beleaguered town, and hope is that order will be restored soon. No information has been given from the Merchant Council, as they have been sequestered away to an unknown location for Safety.



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