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One obstacle down, three pop up...

ATTN: A Wolfhaven, Colonel
Esher’Naught Regional Command

Greetings Sir, I hope the Light has been holding thee well. I am unfortunately writing this missive with even more ill tidings. After us stopping the Kal Acolyte Ritual, we were nearly ambushed by a Large number Elven Warriors that had surrounded us at the Grove. With a certain blessing by Archanon himself, we were able to talk our way out of more bloodshed, and very possible unrepairable tensions with the Elven Kingdom. For not the fortunes smiling upon Corporal Stormcrow, and his surprising charm, the leader of the Woodland warriors, a Alakar by the name of Annika Woodwalker, and I was even more surprised when she asked to accompany us back to Farwatch to meet with the leadership.
Speaking of which, this is a formal request for you to make it down to Farwatch to have a conference with both the Elven emissary, and also the Merchant Council. Cpl Stormcrow asked me to send this missive at the first chance I got.

On to other news. When we got back to our post in Farwatch, we went to check in with the Merchant Council, and found that the local citizens were gathered around the Merchant Hall. There was a definite tension in the air, and Gabby and Derek got to work immediately trying to gain intel on what was happening. I went into the crowd with Siege, and got a first hand look at the crowd, and while Siege was imposing, he was quite well spoken and intricate while dealing with the angered crowd. The reason behind the gathering, as we came to find out, was that the non-human citizens and merchants felt betrayed and that they were being ignored in their plights from the aftermath of the terrible storms. They believed that the Merchant Lord Valrious was using the storms destruction to cater to his Humanocentric views.
After speaking with the Merchant Lord, and Council, we found that this is not the case, but they were indeed prioritizing those who received aid, based on importance of goods provided, not on race, as was feared. This helped some of the crowds tensions, but things are still teetering on a delicate strand, and it seems that only a little spark will be all this place needs to engulf into a race war. We are keeping a close eye on the handling of everything dealing with the Merchant Councils treating of the other merchants in the Trade District, as well as doing a bit of goodwill on our own, by helping those who are feeling neglected, by fixing and reconstructing their booths, and shops ourselves. Gabby thinks that this will infuriate Lord Valrious, and I even fear she hopes for it.
Later that night we found evidence of the strained relations, as a group consisting of T’sul, Gabby and Derek were walking back to the Yelping Yak, and heard shouts and sounds of a dustup. Upon further investigation, the group found a couple Human drunks, harassing and chasing a small Goblin, that we found his name to be Tuk. Upon questioning the Rangers found out that the Humans were accusing the Goblin of stealing something from them, and the Goblin vehemently denied any wrong doing. One of the humans tried to strike the goblin, but was too inebriated, and fell flat on his face. At this point the rest of the Human’s gang showed up, and explained what was taken. A female talked to Derek, and was able to convince him that the Goblin had stolen a Keepsake of hers, that was given to her by her husband. Tuk reluctantly gave up the items, (from what I have heard, from a very persuasive fist of T’sul, but wasn’t there to confirm) and Gabby compensated Tuk with a gem of her own. After the Goblin regained his sense, he lead the group to where the Group had come from, and the Rangers quickly realized that there is an entirely different area of Farwatch, that is outside of the normal parts seen from the Merchant’s District. This area is very rundown and ramshackle, and from what the Goblin said, the Area is called the Drenches….

The group found out where the Woman and her gang went, and found it to be a very large establishment, that Tuk called a bar. It was very unlikely that the three Rangers present could handle anything that may transpire, so they reported back to the Yak, and we went about making a plan for the morning.

The next morning, we were enjoying our morning meal, when Rylan Thornwoode, the Owner of the Yelping Yak, approached us apprehensively. He wanted to ask us if we had plans of making a more permanent base of operations while in Farwatch. He was adamant that he was not unhappy having us there, but it was becoming a strain on his business, as he could not use his storeroom, with us there, and in not uncertain terms, that Siege was nearly eating him out of business. We debated on a couple ideas of where we could find a new hq, and came to the consensus of using the old Manor House that the group recently cleared of Bandits. We approached the Merchant Council with the request, and they were open to it, as long as they weren’t stuck with the bill for Renovations. They also tasked us with overwatch on what seems to be a pretty large and ambitious project that is connecting Farwatch with both Esher’Naught to the north, and Greenvale to the south with a large Trade Road. The Council wanted to make sure that we were available to make certain that we took care of any troubles and made sure the project did not suffer delays.

After the sun went down that night, we decided to go and investigate the slum bar, after making contact with a Orc, who said he could help us acquire some “Workers” as we were going to look for the missing people still unaccounted for from the bandit raids. When we arrived, we noticed that this was indeed a crowded place, but was very unlike the surrounding area, and was actually quite posh inside. The orc told us to wait for his boss, and we waited until he returned with the Woman from last night along with a large, well armored human. The wife quickly recognized the Rangers from last night, and left quickly while her husband and his cronies moved into attack. The battle was quick and fierce, with Siege being felled by the onslaught of the armored bandit and his thugs. Derek and Myself helped drop multiple assailants and in the end the remaining thugs quickly gave up when their superior numbers dwindled quickly under that skilled and coordinated attack of our Rangers. We are rounding up the wounded for transfer to the Merchant Miltia, and by Archanon’s Grace I was able to use his healing touch to knit the wounds Siege had suffered, to return him to fighting form. We are in the process of gathering the “Boss” for interrogation.

Included with this missive is a request form for supplies, and hopefully materials for the upcoming renovations for the new Ranger HQ.

Your Servant and Brother in the light
Ranger First Class Thaleon


Colonel Wolfhaven, Alexander

Commander of the Legio Heroes

Camp Wolfhaven, Olara

First Day, Dancing Clouds, Year 3123 Under the Light

Brother Thaleon,

It is good to hear of your recent success and the acquisition of a new Headquarters for your men. I understand the difficulties inherent with sub-standard housing conditions. Much time and effort has gone into expanding and improving the warehouse we inherited. Though, with time, care and constant effort I believe that you will find your new abode to be more than adequate.

I have authorized Sergeant Major Stormhammer to acquire the supplies you need, though wood is in short supply here. Nevertheless, tools, nails, iron works, food, clothes and medical supplies should be enroute already.

I apologize for my late reply. I have been away from Echer’Naught and now, sitting in Camp Wolfhaven. Though it has taken time, I feel confident I will be able to turn over control soon. Though I am anxious to return home, I will certainly make myself available in the coming days (Dancing Clouds). I pray your new friends will consent to remaining in Farwatch until such time.

Your most obedient servant,

A. Wolfhaven, Colonel

Camp Wolfhaven, Olara

One obstacle down, three pop up...

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