Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of the Wilds

Long over due reports from the Rangers of Farwatch

Attn: Col A. Wolfhaven
Echer’Naught Regional HQ

Journal Entry of Nessius, Alakar Ranger from Landra’Feya
Location: Farwatch – Grey Ranger’s HQ
Well, we had bedded down for a good night’s sleep before venturing into the mines when we were awoken in the wee hours by another large explosion. Mrrel bounced out of her bunk and was gone. I barely had a chance to get my gear together when the call came to get our posteriors in motion and to get to the Dredges. Darkstrike was nowhere to be found, apparently he ate something that disagreed with him, though Mrrel was obviously fine.
When we arrived, there were people rushing out of houses again, except this time, we noticed several humans holding people inside of the houses. At that point, things pretty much disintegrated into the normal chaos of battle.
I plunked two arrows into the closest archer that did nothing. Didn’t even take their attention away from Derek, as he charged across the battlefield.
My third arrow finally found something important, as the man screamed and plummeted off the roof. At that point, the house on the right exploded. The same black evilness came swelling up from the ruins, and zombies came stumbling out of the wreckage as well.
I took aim at the new threat and was rewarded my arrow exploded in a ring of white fire around the zombie’s midsection. Derek’s sword had the same effect. I got another zombie, and noticed that Gabby did some awesome damage to somebody’s cloak, and Soren got a couple himself.
Mrrel, I completely lost track of as she was further away. I found out later she had gone into a house before the inhabitants were turned, I guess, into zombies.
In the aftermath, Thalien showed up to help keep the darkness from spreading, but the as we investigated, we found the original house that had awoken us and drawn us here. Mrrel and I peeked inside and were barely able to keep our stomachs intact.
“Burn It” was the only solution to that charnel house. We were able to keep the burn controlled, and the townsfolk came up to us thanking us for our help.
In searching the remains, we came across a parchment that by deducing that it was one of the only languages we couldn’t read that it was in Shae.
We couldn’t decipher any of it, and there was nothing left for us at the time, so we headed back to HQ to finish sleeping the night away.

Early the next morning our presence was “requested” by Valarious, the merchant lord. I had to physically bite my tongue several times to keep from physically assaulting this waste of precious resources.
Humans really must select their leaders for completely different reasons than the Alakar. And apparently competition leadership is not among the traits. I couldn’t believe some of the things he was saying. I still let several comments slip out during the “friendly” conversation. I must continue to work on my self-control during such meetings.
As we were leaving I was feeling like we were heading back to HQ to pack our things when Soren remarked, quite seriously, that the audience went well, much better than last time. I was taken much aback by his statement, but Derek seemed to agree as well.



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