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Traveling to Farwatch
Rangers of the Wild, After Battle Report

3123, First Hunt
Thaleon, Priest of Light

Esteemed Brothers of Light:
This is my first transcript of active duty reports for the group of Grayson’s Grey Rangers I was assigned to be a liaison for.

After following this group through their training, and first two engagements, I can say that they are quickly becoming a cohesive fighting force, all-be-it an unorthodox one.

The Group has headed south from Bearheart after engaging with a scout force from the Prelacy of Camon. After sending word to Kythros, and Ranger Command, the group waited until a small force of Rangers arrived to reinforce the beleaguered troops stationed there.

We recieved orders to accompany a small caravan to Farwatch to bring supplies and shore up lines from the remaining Kal Troops making their way back to the Empire.

After a long, uneventful trip, we came across a village on the outskirts of Farwatch, and noticed something was amiss right away. The Ogre, Siege was first to smell the carnage, and the others soon noticed the stench of decay in most of the buildings/shacks. Upon inspection we were ambushed by a large group of Brigands who had taken up Archer emplacements and let loose a torrent of Arrows into our caravan.

Almost immediately, four caravan members were felled, and the Ranger Branson Mickford took cover from the onslaught. The Ogre bellowed out a defiant roar and stomped off towards one of the shacks, with his torso being at roof height. His first swing was a terrifing sight to behold as he connected with a Bandit with his Oversized ax, and removed the brigands top half from his body. This caused two of the nearby bandits to flee in terror and jump from their prepared positions. One was able to flee, while the other fell, rather less than gracefully and was quickly dispatched from the fight by a boot of the behemoth Siege.

The older Human, by the name of Derek Stormcrow, also jumped into action and started laying bandits low with his steel. He was able to catch another of the archers fleeing, with a well placed pommel strike, knocking the bandit unconscious before surveying the scene unfolding in front of him.

The Brinchie Archer, named Dark Stryke was making his stealthy approach upon a nearby rooftop and was able to drop two other would be assassins with well placed shots ending their rein of arrows on the group.

Then the Brutish Ogre did something truly astonishing. Seeing the archer from a rooftop away still raining death on his comrades, he lowered his shoulder and bull rushed into the adjoining building, hitting it with such force, that he shattered it from its moorings and sent it tumbling at the shack, the bandit archer was perched. Seeing this terrible display of ferocity was more than enough to send that bandit scurrying away.

All the while the young Goblin Alchemist made her way up towards the front lines and made sure that the Ranger was ok. They both readied themselves behind cover from the remaining Bandits, and were the first to notice the second prong of the the ambush before it was sprung.

Waiting in reserve where multiple attackers who used this as a good time to launch their attack, even after the display Siege has just done, rushed forward to try and overwhelm the large foe. Led by a heavily armored Kal warrior, and other ruffians, the group engaged with the Ogre and started raining heavy blows upon his toughened hide.

Seeing this, both Derek, and Gabby launched their attacks, with Derek luckily being a bit slower than Gabby’s throw of her concoction of liquid that exploded with a plum of what can be best described as goo, rendering all those engaged with Siege immobile. Normally I would have thought this to put Siege at a disadvantage as he was caught in the area as well, but it seemed to make his fight easier, as now the smaller, quicker targets were unable to use their mobility against him. All the while Derek made short work of the attackers with well placed slashes and strikes laying them before bleeding upon the earth.

At this time the leader of the Bandits made his presence felt, when he let loose his crossbow and hit Dark Stryke in the shoulder as he quickly closed the gap to engage the Brinchie in melee. Seeing her fellow Ranger in trouble, Gabby, threw caution to the wind and got in to striking range as well to help her Archer friend stave off the vicious blows from the skilled fighter he faced.

After Siege and Derek we able to dispatch all the bandits attacking them, they moved quickly to help take down the obvious leader of this bandit group, and were surprised when he moved with a flash and took off running like the scared coward he truly was.

We are at the present tracking his escape, With Siege and Branson heading off in pursuit, while I took to healing the injured by the grace of the Light.

I am unsure of why this ambush was sprung, but coming to our aid, all be it, late, a group of villagers should no doubt add to our Intel about the Bandits activity. I will add more to this as it develops, but wanted to send on the action report while still fresh in the memory.

Light drive away the Darkness, and extinguish the Flame

Tracking a new area
Action Report

Action Report 3123, First Hunt
Thaelon, Priest of Light

Esteemed Brothers of Light

As this report is sent, things are definitely afoot in the outskirts of Farwatch.

As was previously reported about bandit activity can be now confirmed, we have seemingly stepped into a rather precarious situation with the locals. Not only have the bandit attacks increased in recent months, but this last one where we got involved with, is the first “organized” and only attack that the bandits have taken captives. We found this out from looking around the scene of the attack, and noticing that the bodies in the village were far fewer than what should inhabit it.

As Dark Stryke, Gabby, Derek, and myself began looking around the village, Siege and Ranger Mikelson were in pursuit of the bandit leader. They were able to track him towards a wheat field and exchanged arrows, but the bandit leader was able to release a deadly shot to the face of the young ranger, knocking him out of the fight, and only by the lights grace was Derek Stormcrow able to patch up his mangled face. Luckily his wounds were only superficial, and he will end up with a wicked scar from his run in with the bandit.

Meanwhile, we were greeted by a group of Militia and members of what turned out to be the ruling body of Farwatch. A Merchant by the name of Lord Valarious introduced himself to the group, and did not make a favorable impression with the members of the rangers. He seems very arrogant, and self serving, this will defiintely make things…difficult if we are to have a working relationship with him and his town. Softer words/attitude may need to be achieved in order to broker an understanding.

Siege continued pursuit, but was unable to catch the speedy brigand before he disappeared into the field. Almost as soon as the Siege returned, a injured bandit that Derek had incapacitated in the melee tried to crawl away and was quickly captured by a brinchie woman. The woman quickly subdued the brigand and looked as if she was going to dispatch him, when the group quickly moved to intercede, and try to question the suspect. The brinchie looked to her employer Valarious, and he nodded to allow the group to interrogate the bandit. Gabby’s skill as a persuasive speaker seemed to fall on deaf ears with the brute as he was very defiant, and did not give much useful information other than that he was just a sell sword hired for a job. Seems that his employ was nothing more than a mercenary contract. The group got what info they could from the suspect, and allowed the Farwatch Militia to lead him away. The group decided that they would track the bandits as I would accompany the Militia and Merchant council into town to begin talks about our presence there.

Gabby and the Ogre started looking for the bandits tracks and found that he was as skilled at losing pursuers as he was at being a cutthroat. The tracks seemed to lead back towards the village, off into the Elven woods, or down towards Farwatch proper. Gabby felt that the best bet would be the path leading into town, thinking the bandit would blend into the bustling townsfolk easily.

As the group entered town, they quickly realized the issue of tracking would become much harder, as they market place was abuzz with activity. The group decided to find food and lodgings and then get to investigating.

They questioned many people throughout the village, and explored the local taverns to no avail, but were able to gain some valuable insight on the Merchants Council, and the inner working of Farwatch’s government. The team retired for the evening and Gabby set about crafting some potions to brew while she slept, and was sucessful in setting her brews up but heard someone outside their room. She quickly investigated, but was unable to find a trace of anyone, but did notice something move quickly from the area after she opened the door to the hallway.

The next morning seemed to have a fortuitous turn as when we went out into the Town Square, Siege recognized a familar face, who turned out to be a Ranger on a different mission than our own. He was undercover selling some wares, and would meet up with the group later to discuss his findings. The group spent the rest of the day doing their own investigating and finding more out about their new surroundings.

The Ranger, who’s name will be kept confidential to keep his cover, was very informative about what he had learned from the city, and believes that the group has stumbled upon a quite sinister plot that could involve the use of the captured villagers in a number of terrible ways. Once we find out where the bandits have taken the captives, hopefully the group will be able to stop them from going ahead with whatever dastardly deeds they have planned.

More will be reported as information is gathered.

May the light guard you from the darkness, and be vigilant against the flame

Digging into the past

Action Report: 3123 First Hunt
Thaleon, Priest of Light

Esteemed Brothers of Light

The assignment to Farwatch seems to be paying off. The things going on in this town seem to be related and things are conspiring that doesnt bode well for those in the southern kingdoms.

The Rangers started their rounds looking for more clues on the whereabouts of both the Bandits, and the villagers whom were taken from the attacks. The Rangers decided to head to one of the outlying villages that hadnt been attacked yet, only to find out the reason for that seemingly was due to the fact that this was mostly a small family run wheat field with only about a dozen people located there. The group did have a small moment of thinking something was amiss when they spotted smoke billowing up from the distance. As they rushed forward, they notticed multiple fields were ablaze and when Siege approached, multiple humans scattered in terror. One man named Mortimer did not seem fazed by the monsterous Ogre, and even waved to the group as he was prodding a pile of flaming hay. The worry quickly subsided that something was wrong, when the Farmer informed the Rangers that the fires were intentional to clear the land before this seasons seeds were laid down. They were just getting a rush on it, because of the Weather they noticed towards the South. Which is something else entirely that I want to report on, but needless to say, the fact that the entirity of the Southern Horizon seems to be a giant storm front, is troubling to say the least.

After searching the rest of the village, the Rangers believe that this was not a target of the Bandits and decided to head back to the scene of the first Bandit attack. As they were heading in that direction, the noticed the ruins of the Fortified Keep/Manor house that the former Noble who lead Farwatch resided. Thinking that this was actually a good place for people wanting to keep a low profile would be, the Rangers decided to explore it.

As the Rangers approached the ruined fortress, they got the first good look at what happened to the Nobleman’s residence. Whatever did the damage to this place was a terrible force, and the fact that the town is still around is a testament to the town members tenacity. Upon entering the courtyard inside the ruined walls, Siege was able to spot the remnants of some canvas tents that seemed to have been used in the past month. As the group searched more, they were able to find more evidence that this place was not so abandoned after all.

When the group ventured inside the manor proper, they were shocked to find a room that seemingly was a holding pen for captives, and even worse seemed to be a cesspool of filth and excrement. Exploring further, they found evidence that this place was used within the past week. Deciding that the rest of the manor needed to be explored, the group slowly and methodically made their way through the rest of the ruins.

The Rangers searched the 2nd and 3rd floors with a fine tooth comb finding multiple hidden passages, and found even a hidden trove inside the ruined armory. Gabby found a rather interesting pendant that she believes to be carved out of Everwood, and Also a ornate looking Rapier. As the group went forward to explore the third floor, they noticed a very steep and narrow staircase leading up. Knowing that he would never fit up that staircase, Siege decided to scale the outside ruins of the larger staircase to reach the Third Floor.

As Siege struggled his way up, and Gabby and Derek scaled the narrow spiral staircase they were ambushed at the top by bandits who were laying in wait. The first volley of Arrows didn’t find their marks on the vulnerable Ogre as he was crawling inside, but quickly regained his footing as the bandits continued to attack the Rangers. In the staircase and hallway Derek and Gabby engaged a couple bandits, and Derek was able to dispatch them both with well placed strikes that ended the Bandits lives quickly. Meanwhile back in the common room where Siege was outnumbered, he moved with a grace that is impossible to believe for a being his size and was able to place himself between a Bandit, and the busted wall he just entered from. With a savagery that can only be described as Beastial, Siege kicked a Bandit with such force that the poor brigand flew out the busted wall and hit the ground three floors below with a sickening splat. This made the remaining bandits rethink their positions, and they quickly tried to escape, especially the one who was deemed to be the leader of the group. The leader agilely dove between the large ogres legs, and was able to get out into the hallway where Gabby and Derek were, and was moving towards the far wall and seemingly was about to get away, when Gabby removed a flask from her pouch and was able to throw it at the Bandits feet to immobilize him. The bandit not wanting to go down without a fight, continued to lay down a barrage of vicious slashes with his glaive, but was soon knocked senseless by a very hard punch from Siege and was rendered unconscious and crumbled to the floor. Seeing this happen, the other remaining bandit stood, frozen in fear, and seemed to go comatose to the point of lifelessness. The Rangers were able to search the rest of the floor after restraining the two captives, and went to what seemed like an innocent looking door only to have Siege and Derek blown back across the room when they tried to forcefully enter the room. Gabby was able to deduce that the room had a Warding on it that would set a powerful trap off on anyone who tried to enter with out having a key. Pulling out the Pendant she found, she was surprised when it flew from her hand and slid into the door, removing the warding and unlocking the room, that turned out to be the master suite of the Manor. The group explored the room, and found that the warding had been set from the inside, but no evidence of anyone being there was found. The only thing the group could find was the wall towards the outside of the manor was destroyed by something unnatural and deduced that whomever was in here was either taken that direction, or killed.
The group finished investigating the manor, with finding a horrible ritual room that seemed like some dark arts were being performed inside, and decided to not dilly dally in that room of horrors for any longer than need be. After making sure the area was secure, the group grabbed their two captives, and decided to head back to farwatch to interrogate them. As they were lifting the Leader to transport, Siege found a piece of parchment on his person, that seemingly had been either written in a odd language, or was coded, so he grabbed that to have it examined by someone with a more decernable eye than his own.

As I have said, this happening seem to all be intertwined, and request that supplies be sent so we can establish a more semi-permanent presence in Farwatch for the foreseeable future.

I await your word.

Your Servant in the Light

Finally....a break

ATTN: A. Wolfhaven, Colonel
Ranger Headquarters, Echer’Naught Regional Command

First, we would like to say it is nice to meet you, and hope that our placement under your command will be fruitful for both parties.

Thank you for the warning about the bandit activities, and also that of the Corrupted in the area. We will move on that as soon as the issues with the Bandits have been resolved. I am worried though, that some in the group are believing that the Merchant Militia maybe behind the slavery and attacks. This is troubling news, and we will investigate further to be sure.

On to the business of these terrible storms. At the time of writing this, things were at their worst, food shortages just had reared their ugly heads, and the desperation was setting in, but for the blessings of Archanon, right before the darkness seemed to take hold, the skies opened up and it seemed that the Ascended’s hand had took an active hand, and healed the land. The Market place seems to still be in a total state of destruction, but that I think is only because it was man-made, and everything natural seems to have been restored to its intended beauty. Archanon’s blessings seemed to smile upon Shaintar indeed. Hopefully it was a similar story to you up at Regional Command.

Now onto the break we got in our search for the bandits. As per my last report, we had captured a seemingly high ranking bandit, who was definitely trained in martial ways. He was also seemingly resistant to our attempts at interrogation, and with Gabby trying to be a caring and persuasive talker, and even Siege’s attempt to use his brutish Ogre nature, all attempts were met with contempt. It took only a quick snarl and placement of the New Ranger Z’Sul beastial Dregordian nature to loosen the Brigands tongue. Soon after, the other new ranger, Allura, was able to crack the coded missive, to reveal that the bandits up north, in Escher’Naught were indeed linked to those here in Farwatch. We were able to find a possible location of delivery of captives, and set out quickly to the Elven Woods to try and rescue the townsfolk.

After a long trek into the woods, the group stumbled upon a clearing that in retrospect was a trap, where the bandits had laid an ambush for the group. Enemy archers let loose from concealed locations, and the party of rangers took cover and quickly moved to engage. In a quick flash both the new rangers made their marks on the party with the Aveakar Sorceress Allura taking flight and dropping an archer with her own bow, and the Kayakor Iniate, Z’Sul rushed in, fighting his beastial nature, and skewered a bandit in a flash of great skill. As soon as the group engaged the hidden archers, the rest of the ambush was sprung and the foot soldiers of the bandit group jumped out from their hiding places and engaged. Looking back, I am sure that they would have rather preferred to stay hidden as the skill and ferocity of the Rangers, made quick work of the bandits. Siege displayed his unorthodox fighting style in always new and terrifying ways, by this time taking hold of small trees, uprooting them and launching them as gigantic spear like projectiles, obliterating multiple assailants with the weight and velocity of the flying trees. Quickly turning the odds in the Rangers favor, was a good thing as the Corrupted Sorcerer who was lurking in the shadows, made his presence felt. Letting fly a orb of vile darkness, and striking Allura directly in the chest, it was only because of Her unflinching faith in the light, and forces of life that saved her from certain peril. Still the effects of the terrible attack, dazed the Aveakar, and she was able to soon recover. Seeing the magic user take the field, Siege quickly reprioritzed and made a bee-line for the caster. As I have noted before, Siege may not be the biggest of his kind, but the sheer brutality that he can deliver makes me happy that he is a force for good, because I shudder to think what he could do if he was touched by corruption. He strided forward and chose an opportune moment as the Caster was reading a spell, and struck with a almost poetic strike, that split the caster from Shoulder to waist in one, bone shearing swing from his enormous axe. With the “Leader” of the bandits laid to waste, the remaining brigands quickly surrendered, and asked for quarter. Gabby, being the face of the Ranger group, talked to the bandits, and was able to persuade them to give up their knowledge of the facts going on, and what the plans of the Bandits were. Quickly the group found out that the bandits left this group behind and took the captives ahead to a clearing where they were to be left for someone else, and for what purpose they didn’t know. The Alchemist Gabby, and Sorceress Allura deduced that the area nearby had some magical affinity, and deduced it was either a Loci, or Filament, most likely a grove that held some magical power. Fearing that this might be for some terrible ritual, the group moved quickly and turned hastily into a pursuit to stop whatever was planned.

Being that the sorcerer was corrupted by Darkness, yet was also showing some signs of being flame touched, I quickly used my blessings of Archanon to call upon his wrath to destroy the Blood Steel weapon he carried, and used my station as a Priest of the Light to burn the corruption from the body before it could seep into the ground and corrupt the area. We are at the moment tracking forward, and Allura said she can feel the pull of the strands of the veil, and knows the area must be close. I am sure that we will soon catch up to the bandits, and free the captives, before they are delivered into whatever diabolical scheme they are hatching.

Your Servant in the Light


Corruption spreading

ATTN: A. Wolfhaven, Colonel
Ranger Headquarters, Echer’Naught Regional Command

I write to you shortly after a truly trying and gut check battle against forces from the Kal’A’Nar Empire.

As in my past report, we followed the bandits trail to a druids grove that was being used in a disgusting and twisted ritual set about by two Acolytes and their War Priest leader. Seems that the captured townsfolk, which were only Five by my count, we being used as sacrificial offerings to the flame corrupted bastards.

Not only were these Acolytes performing this grotesque abomination, they also had zealous warriors ready to protect their damned souls as well as their bodies as they attempted to complete this forsaken ritual.

Our Rangers sprang into immediate action, closing the distance quickly, and engaged the Warriors who stepped in defensive formation in front of the casters. One group was unable to reach its position before T’sul pounced into a dead sprint and leapt to engage the Corrupted Acolyte. His strike was deadly precise, and would have ended the bastards life if not for his demon goddesses blessings protecting him with a barrier of energy that flung the Lizardman back fifteen feet. Seeing an opportunity to strike, the Acolyte unleashed a gout of flame from his fingertips, trying to engulf the Dregdorian in demonic fire. If not for the martial prowess of this fine Ranger, he would have been caught in the inferno, but was able to quickly dart and roll out of the way like a nimble acrobat.

The other Rangers engaged with other Kal Warriors, and clashed with steel and stone. The Ogre Siege launched a giant boulder, splattering a Kal Warrior underneath its bulk, and soon Corporal Stormcrow dispatched another. Seeing the casters relatively unguarded, Allura took flight and started assaulting the Acolytes with Bolts of eldritch magic, until she caught the attention of the Battle Leader who flung a giant ax directed at her head. With the Blessing of Archanon, she was able to adjust her flight path to be barely scratched by the giant whirling death stick. This did what the Kal Warrior wanted, and shifted her attention to him, instead of the caster, and his ritual. The Aveakar sorceress used her eldritch magic to call forth allies from I know not were, but they too paled in comparison to the Flame Blood Tainted Battle Leader as he dispatched them quickly as they were summoned. Seeing the obvious leader of the opposition, Siege used his tactical acumen and grabbed the remaining Kal Warrior and flung him like a rag doll at the Battle Leader. Reacting with a nearly unhuman agility, the Kalanesh Warrior braced himself and merely shrugged off the improvised range weapon. With a sickening smile, the Kal leapt into battle with both Siege and Stormcrow and exchanged countless blows back and forth, holding his own as the two Rangers struggled to take him down.
Gabby the alchemist tried to free one of the townsfolk being used as part of the ritual, but found quickly that they as well were protected by the same barrier that the casters had. The petite Goblin yelled to me, to stop the ritual at any cost, so I summoned up the Wrath of Archanon to strike down his enemies with all I had. Unfortunately I too was surprised by the barrier of force that the War Priest had in place, and was unable to stop the ritual in time. Shaken and weary I looked on in horror as the five captured townsfolk burst into flame and were ripped apart by summoned beasts from the Abyss. The Horde Fiends quickly moved to attack me while I was down, and if not for two well placed bolts from my fellow Aveakar, I may have paid the ultimate price for my failure at stopping the ritual.
The battle was still up in the air, when with a grace and speed befitting the fastest horses of Shaintar, T’sul covered the distance between himself and the dead Acolyte at his feet to leap and whirl his Kayakor in a dizzying display of death and cut the War Priest down with a ferocious impaling strike. Unfortunately for us, his ritual was completed, at least enough to call forth denizens of Norcan Dar, and out poured a giant Minotaur, and stalked towards me as I still lay upon the ground, defending against the Childer attacking.
Allura and myself took to the skies and both used our magic to lay waste to the demons, and send them back to the hell they spawned from. Allura is an amazing spell caster, and I think her understanding of the patterns will be a huge boon to the group in the coming months. T’sul moved into striking distance with the Kal Battle Leader to overwhelm him, and was just the opening needed for both Siege and Corporal Stormcrow to slay him and end his corrupted existence. Under a constant barrage of Purple balls of pure energy, and Archanon’s Fury, the Minotaur was distracted long enough for Ranger Stormcrow to sever his link to this realm with a well placed thrust of his newly acquired White Silver Rapier.

With all the enemies laid low, the group quickly surveyed the area to make sure nothing else was coming through the tear into the veil. As the Rangers were coming up with a plan, we were all surprised by the distinctive sound of a great number of Arrows being knocked in our direction. We were not alone here, and a very elegant Eldakar Female appeared out of the woodline, and for some reason, I still am unsure of, seemed to immediately take a liking to our leader, which quickly changed what was sure to be a tense and bad situation into something else entirely…. I will comment more as we talk with these Eldakar more. As of now I want to announce one thing, that I believe T’sul should be considered for a battle field promotion, and also the title of Acolyte Slayer.

That is all for now, and I will report to you once we return to Farwatch.

Your Servant in the light


One obstacle down, three pop up...

ATTN: A Wolfhaven, Colonel
Esher’Naught Regional Command

Greetings Sir, I hope the Light has been holding thee well. I am unfortunately writing this missive with even more ill tidings. After us stopping the Kal Acolyte Ritual, we were nearly ambushed by a Large number Elven Warriors that had surrounded us at the Grove. With a certain blessing by Archanon himself, we were able to talk our way out of more bloodshed, and very possible unrepairable tensions with the Elven Kingdom. For not the fortunes smiling upon Corporal Stormcrow, and his surprising charm, the leader of the Woodland warriors, a Alakar by the name of Annika Woodwalker, and I was even more surprised when she asked to accompany us back to Farwatch to meet with the leadership.
Speaking of which, this is a formal request for you to make it down to Farwatch to have a conference with both the Elven emissary, and also the Merchant Council. Cpl Stormcrow asked me to send this missive at the first chance I got.

On to other news. When we got back to our post in Farwatch, we went to check in with the Merchant Council, and found that the local citizens were gathered around the Merchant Hall. There was a definite tension in the air, and Gabby and Derek got to work immediately trying to gain intel on what was happening. I went into the crowd with Siege, and got a first hand look at the crowd, and while Siege was imposing, he was quite well spoken and intricate while dealing with the angered crowd. The reason behind the gathering, as we came to find out, was that the non-human citizens and merchants felt betrayed and that they were being ignored in their plights from the aftermath of the terrible storms. They believed that the Merchant Lord Valrious was using the storms destruction to cater to his Humanocentric views.
After speaking with the Merchant Lord, and Council, we found that this is not the case, but they were indeed prioritizing those who received aid, based on importance of goods provided, not on race, as was feared. This helped some of the crowds tensions, but things are still teetering on a delicate strand, and it seems that only a little spark will be all this place needs to engulf into a race war. We are keeping a close eye on the handling of everything dealing with the Merchant Councils treating of the other merchants in the Trade District, as well as doing a bit of goodwill on our own, by helping those who are feeling neglected, by fixing and reconstructing their booths, and shops ourselves. Gabby thinks that this will infuriate Lord Valrious, and I even fear she hopes for it.
Later that night we found evidence of the strained relations, as a group consisting of T’sul, Gabby and Derek were walking back to the Yelping Yak, and heard shouts and sounds of a dustup. Upon further investigation, the group found a couple Human drunks, harassing and chasing a small Goblin, that we found his name to be Tuk. Upon questioning the Rangers found out that the Humans were accusing the Goblin of stealing something from them, and the Goblin vehemently denied any wrong doing. One of the humans tried to strike the goblin, but was too inebriated, and fell flat on his face. At this point the rest of the Human’s gang showed up, and explained what was taken. A female talked to Derek, and was able to convince him that the Goblin had stolen a Keepsake of hers, that was given to her by her husband. Tuk reluctantly gave up the items, (from what I have heard, from a very persuasive fist of T’sul, but wasn’t there to confirm) and Gabby compensated Tuk with a gem of her own. After the Goblin regained his sense, he lead the group to where the Group had come from, and the Rangers quickly realized that there is an entirely different area of Farwatch, that is outside of the normal parts seen from the Merchant’s District. This area is very rundown and ramshackle, and from what the Goblin said, the Area is called the Drenches….

The group found out where the Woman and her gang went, and found it to be a very large establishment, that Tuk called a bar. It was very unlikely that the three Rangers present could handle anything that may transpire, so they reported back to the Yak, and we went about making a plan for the morning.

The next morning, we were enjoying our morning meal, when Rylan Thornwoode, the Owner of the Yelping Yak, approached us apprehensively. He wanted to ask us if we had plans of making a more permanent base of operations while in Farwatch. He was adamant that he was not unhappy having us there, but it was becoming a strain on his business, as he could not use his storeroom, with us there, and in not uncertain terms, that Siege was nearly eating him out of business. We debated on a couple ideas of where we could find a new hq, and came to the consensus of using the old Manor House that the group recently cleared of Bandits. We approached the Merchant Council with the request, and they were open to it, as long as they weren’t stuck with the bill for Renovations. They also tasked us with overwatch on what seems to be a pretty large and ambitious project that is connecting Farwatch with both Esher’Naught to the north, and Greenvale to the south with a large Trade Road. The Council wanted to make sure that we were available to make certain that we took care of any troubles and made sure the project did not suffer delays.

After the sun went down that night, we decided to go and investigate the slum bar, after making contact with a Orc, who said he could help us acquire some “Workers” as we were going to look for the missing people still unaccounted for from the bandit raids. When we arrived, we noticed that this was indeed a crowded place, but was very unlike the surrounding area, and was actually quite posh inside. The orc told us to wait for his boss, and we waited until he returned with the Woman from last night along with a large, well armored human. The wife quickly recognized the Rangers from last night, and left quickly while her husband and his cronies moved into attack. The battle was quick and fierce, with Siege being felled by the onslaught of the armored bandit and his thugs. Derek and Myself helped drop multiple assailants and in the end the remaining thugs quickly gave up when their superior numbers dwindled quickly under that skilled and coordinated attack of our Rangers. We are rounding up the wounded for transfer to the Merchant Miltia, and by Archanon’s Grace I was able to use his healing touch to knit the wounds Siege had suffered, to return him to fighting form. We are in the process of gathering the “Boss” for interrogation.

Included with this missive is a request form for supplies, and hopefully materials for the upcoming renovations for the new Ranger HQ.

Your Servant and Brother in the light
Ranger First Class Thaleon

Contacts....multiple contacts!

ATTN: A Wolfhaven
Esher’naught Regional Command

I am going to dispense with the formalities and get right down to brass tax. We have finally found the remaining townsfolk that the Bandits enslaved. We were able to interrogate the Crime boss by the name of Harkvale, and although we got very little information from him, he did let slip that he is indeed a lackey of the Red Store. We rounded up and incarcerated seven thugs and Harkvale himself and turned them over to Merchant Militia possession. They seemed a little apprehensive with dealing with Siege, as he seemed to let his beastial nature loose a bit while threatening Harkvale and the other captives. I almost needed to step in when he was threatening the Human with some graphic illustrations of what he was going to do with his skin and body parts. I truly hope that it was part of his interrogation technique, but it did make me flinch towards my sword hand. Something to be mindful about for sure.
After we turned the criminals over to the Militia, we then turned to searching the Harkvale’s “business”, if you can even call the den of debauchery and filth that. We scoured it throughly and found a couple things that definitely ties him with the Red Store. We found a LARGE shipment of “Floaters” and immediately destroyed the vile drug. Also searching in what seemed like an office space, the sharp eyed Goblin, Gabby was able to spot a piece of parchment below a burning pile of other papers that seemed to stand out. Upon closer inspection, she noticed that the parchment itself had not been damaged by the fire, and was actually showing some spell like attributes to it, that were revealed from the fire. She quickly backed away from it, as she, Derek, and Myself all sensed the trace of vile darkness upon it. We quickly wrapped the parchment, and are now looking at trying to decipher it.
Feeling as if we had somehow missed something, we went out into the small oddly placed courtyard in the middle of the buildings. When we got out there, we noticed that the large statue that stood once upon the steps of the centerpiece, was hastily destroyed and left to ruin. Upon closer look, Siege was able to spot what seemed to be a seam along the former statues perch. With his normal pure brute strength, Siege busted the opening wide and revealed a tunnel that we believed led to the sewers below. T’Sul dove in, haphazardly, and very nearly impaled himself on a spike trap that had been sprung with Sieges failed lock picking attempt. The agile Dregordian was able to stop his decent at the last moment, and quickly called down for assistance. Gabby was able to find a mechanism that reversed the spikes and also made the floor rise from below. It was something very odd, yet did not resonate as magical. As I have never personally seen anything like it, I have to think that it is something of the rumored “Builder” tech that I have been hearing stories about.
We took this platform down, much further below the sewers, about 35 feet down into the ground. We reached the ground to an underground facility that can only be described as a mining operation. The walls of the caverns were seemingly cut from the solid bedrock, with something not of standard mining procedures. We investigated the area and found cages holding the captives we have been searching for. They were very frightened, and told us of Dwarf like people that were bald and had a deep red skin tone that were forcing them to dig and uncover something. The cages themselves were made with some sort of bars that were interlaced with Chysarium that made them, unbelievably strong, and could not be moved. One of the captives told us that she remembers seeing one of the Red Dwarfs using some sort of rod that controlled the bars. We quickly moved and found more and more captives in cages. We started to round a corner when we heard a strange language coming up ahead, and spotted multiple captives working over mine carts loading and unloading them while being prodded by these bald red skinned dwarves. We hastily got into position, but were spotted by the dwarves and they attacked. The first couple seconds, time seemed to stand still as Siege was hit by what I can only describe as Lightning Fire. It was fired from these weapons the Dwarves were holding that had gems and protrusions and cables hanging from them. Derek said he felt a small inkling of Flame touched from them, but they were something different than anything he had ever felt. The battle quickly resumed as Siege grabbed a rock, which in all actuality was a small mountain to anyone other than the behemoth ogre, and smashed one of the red skinned dwarves flat with it. The other Rangers quickly made tactical decisions and moved to engage. The battle seemed to be well in hand, when from the southern entrance, another group of these Dwarves entered the fray, and accompanying them was, what can only be described as some sort of Metal Man. It was a large machine like creature, and had blades and saws as appendages. It moved methodically into combat with Siege and nearly tore the Ogres flesh from his bones. If not for the Light smiling upon our friend, he would have certainly fallen. Recovering quickly, Siege used his considerable strength and grabbed onto the metal machine. He then threw the giant flailing object, and crushed another of the Red Dwarves beneath its mass. That is when the obvious leader of these Dwarves unleashed more of the Lightning Fire from a small hand cannon he held. Again, if not for Archanon and the light watching over Siege, he would have certainly burned from the onslaught. Derek valiantly charged the heavily armored dwarf, and struck true with his White Silver Rapier. The Red Dwarf merely smirked and swatted his attack away as if he was shoeing a fly. He then countered the blow with two swings from a giant ax that was engulfed in that blueish amber flame and nearly cleaved Derek in twain, if not for his Blessed Armor from the lord of light.
The battle raged on with the rest of the rangers dispatching the remaining Red Dwarves and joining the Corporal not a moment too soon, as he was quickly loosing footing to the heavily armored and strong combatant he was facing. Derek yelled that this was no mere bandit, and he was a skillfully trained warrior. Both T’Sul with his Kaya’kor, and Siege with his giant ax landed blows that would have made a fine mist out of nearly any other foe, but this Stalwart combatant stood unfazed. It was then that Siege, of all people, proved his tactical prowess and was able to feint an attack that caught the Red Dwarf by surprise, which allowed the others to take advantage a with a flurry of blows, they dispatched the Dwarf. At this time, the reports from the rangers all concur, and it seems as if, something else took notice of our group. I was informed that the group was visited by the majesty of the Silver Unicorn. They told me that she spoke to them about the perilous fight they just had fought in, and found out that the foe they had faced were indeed called Builders. For all the stories and myths to have come true was a staggering announcement, and she claimed that she needed true champions to take up the fight to save Shaintar from the evils of Flame and Darkness. The group unwaveringly accepted to take up the cause, and even though they were bleeding, and injured, she quickly made their wounds heal with ease, and filled them with a purpose, that I can only compare to my mission with those Followers of Archanon. Derek himself asked, that this would not forsake his oaths to the Lord of Light, and the Silver Unicorn smiled and said, that her and Archanon were indeed allies, and had a similar path to follow.
She did give us heed that although we were chosen, that this choice would bring with it perilous dangers, and that the path ahead would be trite with terrible enemies and forces that would cause even the most valiant souls to shudder. The Rangers all bowed and said that they were up for the challenge.

It is hard for me to put into words the different….auras I felt around the Rangers that returned from this mission. They do seem to have a much brighter glow about them, and that makes me smile.

Your Servant and Comrade in the Light
Ranger First Class

We have Builders....and they aren't happy

15 Thunderhawk
Attn: Col A. Wolfhaven

Following up on our last mission, we have found that the red dwarves we encountered are indeed, the fabled Builders from times long past. We are still sifting through the encounter, but we believe we may have made some progress in what they were doing with the townsfolk that were captured.
According to the captured builder, who’s name we have not gathered yet, they were using “Cattle” (his words not ours) to uncover what was rightfully theirs. This all came about in a peculliar way, as he was speaking in a tongue none of us spoke, until Derek started speaking FLUENT Camonese. I must admit that he surprised me a lot, but the Builder captive seemed to understand and even communicated with him, all be it, very brokenly.

After the interrogation of the Builder, we explored the rest of the cavern structure, with our lost Brinchie Dark Stryke making a much warranted return after an extended mission elsewhere. We soon stumbled upon a massive structure, and came to find out that it was a giant Builder Citadel. We quickly realized that we were unwanted guests, as numerous blasts from Arclances hit our position. Our massive Ogre Siege using his equally massive tactical ablilties, lifted both Dark Stryke, and Corporal Stormcrow up to the top of the palisades and into direct conflict with the Builder soldiers upon them. Dark Stryke made quick work of one of the Builders with a perfectly placed arrow that found the weak spot in his armor, and dropped him over the Palisades. Derek made equally quick work of his foe, and used a unique tactic to dispatch him, by kicking him off the edge of the wall to the hard ground below. The group made relatively short work of the foes with little, to no damage sustained
After taking caution to explore the rest of the outside of the citadel, the group found a massively large doorway leading inside of the complex. We used the small rod with Chyrassium laced throughout to open the doors. With a loud creaking and cranking noise, the citadel was opened once again.

Your Servant in light
Ranger First Class
Priest of Light

Ranger Resupply

25 Thunderhawk
Attn: Col A. Wolfhaven
Ranger Regional HQ

Thank you sir, for both the supplies and also the bolstering of our ranks here in Farwatch. I wish that was the only news I was reporting, but alas, it is not meant to be.

We were waiting on the arrivals of the first detachment from Echer’Naught, and the much needed supplies for the almost renovated Ranger HQ, when Corporal Stormcrow had a bad feeling that something was amiss and headed to the outskirts of Farwatch to look for the caravan. It was a good thing that he did, because almost as soon as he was able to track the new Rangers, they were all ambushed by bandits intent on destroying the supplies they were bringing with them.
After a quick and bloody fight the new Rangers performed exceedingly well. The roster of the Caravan Guards were Jon Hargrin a well spoken Orc Priest of Light, a young Goblin by the name Goad’err, a headstrong Brinchie named Sky Slayer and a Dregordian Adept named Kalaskarr. The four worked well as a team, and seemed to have a camaraderie that was well established in Ranger Training. The Bandits were quickly over run, with most of them running away, when their numbers dropped quickly from the onslaught of the Rangers. During the aftermath, Goad’err was able to subdue the likely culprit of the attempted wagon destruction, and Kalaskarr was able to use his knowledge of the Way, to pierce the thoughts of the human woman and was able to gather images of the woman being recruited by a charismatic rogue, that Derek quickly recognized that it was probably the criminal leader that the group thought they had placed into custody, Boss Harkvale. Moving quickly on this knowledge, the group went about tracking the whereabouts of the elusive criminal. After finding the one bandit who ran, from a interesting sense of smell from The Orc Priest. The group had the bandit bring them to where he last knew they were hanging around. As the group approached, they noticed a few humans standing outside a ramshackle building, and that they were Extremely apprehensive as they approached. It didn’t take long before they drew steel and a battle ensued. The brinchie and goblin both used their natural talents of blending in with the shadows and launched quick strikes that dropped two of the humans before they could even scream. The third was able to splurt out a muffled cry as the Dregordian Adept made his head spin in pain and confusion as Derek made quick work with a well placed Rapier thrust. The rest of the bandits made their presence known and launched multiple arrows from the surrounding rooftops. The Rangers made their way to approach the Archers, but were quickly waylaid by two additional foes that jumped out from the doorway they were waiting in. One Orc almost completely corrupted by darkness and was well underway to transforming into a monstrosity of a hobgoblin. The other, was a rather large human wielding an equally large axe. The two new combatants waded into combat with the Rangers and after some tense trading of blows, the Rangers were able to drop both the bandits, and were able to stop the rest of the archers with the quick thinking of Kalaskarr’s mastery of the Way.
Upon further inspection, the group quickly found materials that uncovered the dire plans that were being set in play. The attack on the caravan was only a distraction so that the Red Store could help their newest client move a dangerous new drug into town. The news that was especially troubling was that the Hobgoblin was under the employe of the new client, and the whole area reeked of Darkness.

A couple days later, the second detachment of Rangers showed up from Echer’Naught, that included Jovistar the Eldakar Sorcerer, Eesha the Aevakar Archer, and Syl the Dregordian Warrior Adept. Also joining the Rangers on this mission is the newly appointed Ranger of Farwatch Soryn Nyghtfyre. The Rangers quickly made the new recruits feel at home, and then they went right about following up leads they had from the news of the new drug that was hitting the streets of Farwatch. They went back to the scene of the last battle and decided to explore further. As the rangers split into groups they found major evidence of the taint of Darkness still lingering in the area. Derek was able to spot the remnants of what seemingly was used as some alchemical operation, but reeked of Darkness. The Eldakar Jovistar also noted that there was some sort of major source of Darkness that was gathered nearby. It was feint, but whatever it was, it was powerful. At this time the Aevakar Eesha was keeping her keen eyes out for any trouble when she spotted movement coming from a nearby shack. When she went to move in closer, along with Syl, the hiding assailants sprung their trap. A quick crossbow bolt nearly splattered the Dregordians head, if not for his honed abilities in the Way. At that, Eesha unleashed back to back arrows that both were terrifying and a thing of beauty rolled into one amazing pair of shots, that quickly dispatched two bandits in just as quick amount of time. The last bandit seeing his two friends killed so spectacularly, made the brightest decision of his life, and ran as fast as he could. As the Rangers moved in to investigate the area where the ambush was sprung, the building next it, shuddered as the doors were splintered off their hinges as three VERY large Skeletal Warriors emerged and engaged the Rangers. Derek and Syl faced off with one of the vile undead warriors as Soryn, Eesha and Jovistar faced the others. The battle was tense, and neither side could gather an advantage, until a well placed crossbow bolt from Soryn found its mark and removed the Horrific Warriors Head from its body. The other warrior swung it’s massive dual bladed sword at both Derek and Syl striking home, but the Armor of Archanon that Derek was blessed with, and the Dregordian Syl’s scales took a metallic sheen from his gifts of the Way, both delected the worst of the damage. The combined might of the two rangers were able to dispatch the undead monstrosity, as the barrage of Eldritch magic and Ranged projectiles from the other three Rangers finished off the other Skeletal Warrior.
With this occurrence, and the news of a new drug hitting the streets, it is obvious that things are happening in Farwatch that will require a increased vigilant eye from the Rangers.

I do think that the arrivals of the new Rangers will be helpful to the cause of the Rangers here in Farwatch, and will be sending on my thoughts for possible promotion recommendations.

Your Servant in light
Ranger First Class
Priest of Light


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