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Digging into the past

Action Report: 3123 First Hunt
Thaleon, Priest of Light

Esteemed Brothers of Light

The assignment to Farwatch seems to be paying off. The things going on in this town seem to be related and things are conspiring that doesnt bode well for those in the southern kingdoms.

The Rangers started their rounds looking for more clues on the whereabouts of both the Bandits, and the villagers whom were taken from the attacks. The Rangers decided to head to one of the outlying villages that hadnt been attacked yet, only to find out the reason for that seemingly was due to the fact that this was mostly a small family run wheat field with only about a dozen people located there. The group did have a small moment of thinking something was amiss when they spotted smoke billowing up from the distance. As they rushed forward, they notticed multiple fields were ablaze and when Siege approached, multiple humans scattered in terror. One man named Mortimer did not seem fazed by the monsterous Ogre, and even waved to the group as he was prodding a pile of flaming hay. The worry quickly subsided that something was wrong, when the Farmer informed the Rangers that the fires were intentional to clear the land before this seasons seeds were laid down. They were just getting a rush on it, because of the Weather they noticed towards the South. Which is something else entirely that I want to report on, but needless to say, the fact that the entirity of the Southern Horizon seems to be a giant storm front, is troubling to say the least.

After searching the rest of the village, the Rangers believe that this was not a target of the Bandits and decided to head back to the scene of the first Bandit attack. As they were heading in that direction, the noticed the ruins of the Fortified Keep/Manor house that the former Noble who lead Farwatch resided. Thinking that this was actually a good place for people wanting to keep a low profile would be, the Rangers decided to explore it.

As the Rangers approached the ruined fortress, they got the first good look at what happened to the Nobleman’s residence. Whatever did the damage to this place was a terrible force, and the fact that the town is still around is a testament to the town members tenacity. Upon entering the courtyard inside the ruined walls, Siege was able to spot the remnants of some canvas tents that seemed to have been used in the past month. As the group searched more, they were able to find more evidence that this place was not so abandoned after all.

When the group ventured inside the manor proper, they were shocked to find a room that seemingly was a holding pen for captives, and even worse seemed to be a cesspool of filth and excrement. Exploring further, they found evidence that this place was used within the past week. Deciding that the rest of the manor needed to be explored, the group slowly and methodically made their way through the rest of the ruins.

The Rangers searched the 2nd and 3rd floors with a fine tooth comb finding multiple hidden passages, and found even a hidden trove inside the ruined armory. Gabby found a rather interesting pendant that she believes to be carved out of Everwood, and Also a ornate looking Rapier. As the group went forward to explore the third floor, they noticed a very steep and narrow staircase leading up. Knowing that he would never fit up that staircase, Siege decided to scale the outside ruins of the larger staircase to reach the Third Floor.

As Siege struggled his way up, and Gabby and Derek scaled the narrow spiral staircase they were ambushed at the top by bandits who were laying in wait. The first volley of Arrows didn’t find their marks on the vulnerable Ogre as he was crawling inside, but quickly regained his footing as the bandits continued to attack the Rangers. In the staircase and hallway Derek and Gabby engaged a couple bandits, and Derek was able to dispatch them both with well placed strikes that ended the Bandits lives quickly. Meanwhile back in the common room where Siege was outnumbered, he moved with a grace that is impossible to believe for a being his size and was able to place himself between a Bandit, and the busted wall he just entered from. With a savagery that can only be described as Beastial, Siege kicked a Bandit with such force that the poor brigand flew out the busted wall and hit the ground three floors below with a sickening splat. This made the remaining bandits rethink their positions, and they quickly tried to escape, especially the one who was deemed to be the leader of the group. The leader agilely dove between the large ogres legs, and was able to get out into the hallway where Gabby and Derek were, and was moving towards the far wall and seemingly was about to get away, when Gabby removed a flask from her pouch and was able to throw it at the Bandits feet to immobilize him. The bandit not wanting to go down without a fight, continued to lay down a barrage of vicious slashes with his glaive, but was soon knocked senseless by a very hard punch from Siege and was rendered unconscious and crumbled to the floor. Seeing this happen, the other remaining bandit stood, frozen in fear, and seemed to go comatose to the point of lifelessness. The Rangers were able to search the rest of the floor after restraining the two captives, and went to what seemed like an innocent looking door only to have Siege and Derek blown back across the room when they tried to forcefully enter the room. Gabby was able to deduce that the room had a Warding on it that would set a powerful trap off on anyone who tried to enter with out having a key. Pulling out the Pendant she found, she was surprised when it flew from her hand and slid into the door, removing the warding and unlocking the room, that turned out to be the master suite of the Manor. The group explored the room, and found that the warding had been set from the inside, but no evidence of anyone being there was found. The only thing the group could find was the wall towards the outside of the manor was destroyed by something unnatural and deduced that whomever was in here was either taken that direction, or killed.
The group finished investigating the manor, with finding a horrible ritual room that seemed like some dark arts were being performed inside, and decided to not dilly dally in that room of horrors for any longer than need be. After making sure the area was secure, the group grabbed their two captives, and decided to head back to farwatch to interrogate them. As they were lifting the Leader to transport, Siege found a piece of parchment on his person, that seemingly had been either written in a odd language, or was coded, so he grabbed that to have it examined by someone with a more decernable eye than his own.

As I have said, this happening seem to all be intertwined, and request that supplies be sent so we can establish a more semi-permanent presence in Farwatch for the foreseeable future.

I await your word.

Your Servant in the Light

Tracking a new area
Action Report

Action Report 3123, First Hunt
Thaelon, Priest of Light

Esteemed Brothers of Light

As this report is sent, things are definitely afoot in the outskirts of Farwatch.

As was previously reported about bandit activity can be now confirmed, we have seemingly stepped into a rather precarious situation with the locals. Not only have the bandit attacks increased in recent months, but this last one where we got involved with, is the first “organized” and only attack that the bandits have taken captives. We found this out from looking around the scene of the attack, and noticing that the bodies in the village were far fewer than what should inhabit it.

As Dark Stryke, Gabby, Derek, and myself began looking around the village, Siege and Ranger Mikelson were in pursuit of the bandit leader. They were able to track him towards a wheat field and exchanged arrows, but the bandit leader was able to release a deadly shot to the face of the young ranger, knocking him out of the fight, and only by the lights grace was Derek Stormcrow able to patch up his mangled face. Luckily his wounds were only superficial, and he will end up with a wicked scar from his run in with the bandit.

Meanwhile, we were greeted by a group of Militia and members of what turned out to be the ruling body of Farwatch. A Merchant by the name of Lord Valarious introduced himself to the group, and did not make a favorable impression with the members of the rangers. He seems very arrogant, and self serving, this will defiintely make things…difficult if we are to have a working relationship with him and his town. Softer words/attitude may need to be achieved in order to broker an understanding.

Siege continued pursuit, but was unable to catch the speedy brigand before he disappeared into the field. Almost as soon as the Siege returned, a injured bandit that Derek had incapacitated in the melee tried to crawl away and was quickly captured by a brinchie woman. The woman quickly subdued the brigand and looked as if she was going to dispatch him, when the group quickly moved to intercede, and try to question the suspect. The brinchie looked to her employer Valarious, and he nodded to allow the group to interrogate the bandit. Gabby’s skill as a persuasive speaker seemed to fall on deaf ears with the brute as he was very defiant, and did not give much useful information other than that he was just a sell sword hired for a job. Seems that his employ was nothing more than a mercenary contract. The group got what info they could from the suspect, and allowed the Farwatch Militia to lead him away. The group decided that they would track the bandits as I would accompany the Militia and Merchant council into town to begin talks about our presence there.

Gabby and the Ogre started looking for the bandits tracks and found that he was as skilled at losing pursuers as he was at being a cutthroat. The tracks seemed to lead back towards the village, off into the Elven woods, or down towards Farwatch proper. Gabby felt that the best bet would be the path leading into town, thinking the bandit would blend into the bustling townsfolk easily.

As the group entered town, they quickly realized the issue of tracking would become much harder, as they market place was abuzz with activity. The group decided to find food and lodgings and then get to investigating.

They questioned many people throughout the village, and explored the local taverns to no avail, but were able to gain some valuable insight on the Merchants Council, and the inner working of Farwatch’s government. The team retired for the evening and Gabby set about crafting some potions to brew while she slept, and was sucessful in setting her brews up but heard someone outside their room. She quickly investigated, but was unable to find a trace of anyone, but did notice something move quickly from the area after she opened the door to the hallway.

The next morning seemed to have a fortuitous turn as when we went out into the Town Square, Siege recognized a familar face, who turned out to be a Ranger on a different mission than our own. He was undercover selling some wares, and would meet up with the group later to discuss his findings. The group spent the rest of the day doing their own investigating and finding more out about their new surroundings.

The Ranger, who’s name will be kept confidential to keep his cover, was very informative about what he had learned from the city, and believes that the group has stumbled upon a quite sinister plot that could involve the use of the captured villagers in a number of terrible ways. Once we find out where the bandits have taken the captives, hopefully the group will be able to stop them from going ahead with whatever dastardly deeds they have planned.

More will be reported as information is gathered.

May the light guard you from the darkness, and be vigilant against the flame

Traveling to Farwatch
Rangers of the Wild, After Battle Report

3123, First Hunt
Thaleon, Priest of Light

Esteemed Brothers of Light:
This is my first transcript of active duty reports for the group of Grayson’s Grey Rangers I was assigned to be a liaison for.

After following this group through their training, and first two engagements, I can say that they are quickly becoming a cohesive fighting force, all-be-it an unorthodox one.

The Group has headed south from Bearheart after engaging with a scout force from the Prelacy of Camon. After sending word to Kythros, and Ranger Command, the group waited until a small force of Rangers arrived to reinforce the beleaguered troops stationed there.

We recieved orders to accompany a small caravan to Farwatch to bring supplies and shore up lines from the remaining Kal Troops making their way back to the Empire.

After a long, uneventful trip, we came across a village on the outskirts of Farwatch, and noticed something was amiss right away. The Ogre, Siege was first to smell the carnage, and the others soon noticed the stench of decay in most of the buildings/shacks. Upon inspection we were ambushed by a large group of Brigands who had taken up Archer emplacements and let loose a torrent of Arrows into our caravan.

Almost immediately, four caravan members were felled, and the Ranger Branson Mickford took cover from the onslaught. The Ogre bellowed out a defiant roar and stomped off towards one of the shacks, with his torso being at roof height. His first swing was a terrifing sight to behold as he connected with a Bandit with his Oversized ax, and removed the brigands top half from his body. This caused two of the nearby bandits to flee in terror and jump from their prepared positions. One was able to flee, while the other fell, rather less than gracefully and was quickly dispatched from the fight by a boot of the behemoth Siege.

The older Human, by the name of Derek Stormcrow, also jumped into action and started laying bandits low with his steel. He was able to catch another of the archers fleeing, with a well placed pommel strike, knocking the bandit unconscious before surveying the scene unfolding in front of him.

The Brinchie Archer, named Dark Stryke was making his stealthy approach upon a nearby rooftop and was able to drop two other would be assassins with well placed shots ending their rein of arrows on the group.

Then the Brutish Ogre did something truly astonishing. Seeing the archer from a rooftop away still raining death on his comrades, he lowered his shoulder and bull rushed into the adjoining building, hitting it with such force, that he shattered it from its moorings and sent it tumbling at the shack, the bandit archer was perched. Seeing this terrible display of ferocity was more than enough to send that bandit scurrying away.

All the while the young Goblin Alchemist made her way up towards the front lines and made sure that the Ranger was ok. They both readied themselves behind cover from the remaining Bandits, and were the first to notice the second prong of the the ambush before it was sprung.

Waiting in reserve where multiple attackers who used this as a good time to launch their attack, even after the display Siege has just done, rushed forward to try and overwhelm the large foe. Led by a heavily armored Kal warrior, and other ruffians, the group engaged with the Ogre and started raining heavy blows upon his toughened hide.

Seeing this, both Derek, and Gabby launched their attacks, with Derek luckily being a bit slower than Gabby’s throw of her concoction of liquid that exploded with a plum of what can be best described as goo, rendering all those engaged with Siege immobile. Normally I would have thought this to put Siege at a disadvantage as he was caught in the area as well, but it seemed to make his fight easier, as now the smaller, quicker targets were unable to use their mobility against him. All the while Derek made short work of the attackers with well placed slashes and strikes laying them before bleeding upon the earth.

At this time the leader of the Bandits made his presence felt, when he let loose his crossbow and hit Dark Stryke in the shoulder as he quickly closed the gap to engage the Brinchie in melee. Seeing her fellow Ranger in trouble, Gabby, threw caution to the wind and got in to striking range as well to help her Archer friend stave off the vicious blows from the skilled fighter he faced.

After Siege and Derek we able to dispatch all the bandits attacking them, they moved quickly to help take down the obvious leader of this bandit group, and were surprised when he moved with a flash and took off running like the scared coward he truly was.

We are at the present tracking his escape, With Siege and Branson heading off in pursuit, while I took to healing the injured by the grace of the Light.

I am unsure of why this ambush was sprung, but coming to our aid, all be it, late, a group of villagers should no doubt add to our Intel about the Bandits activity. I will add more to this as it develops, but wanted to send on the action report while still fresh in the memory.

Light drive away the Darkness, and extinguish the Flame

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